Statue tool

The statue tool is unnecessarily unhandy. :mad:
When i turn my ragdolls into statues to be able to move them but still keep their pose they are too heavy to be able to place in the proper pose.
Can’t they be like props and have the same weight all over instead!? I mean… what is Garry thinking? :doh:
I have tried the weight stool. Only made it worse…
I want 2 metrocops flying next to me in hoverbikes welded to my hoverbike SO BADLY! :v:

You mean they wobble around, right? I think that’s just something you need to deal with, not something Garry did intentionally.

Yeah that’s what i meant…
Of course he didn’t do it intentionally but i still think it is possible to make them like a prop and not like someone with epilepsy…

And how do you suggest that garry does this?
(Not flaming or anything, but you should have an idea for him if you ask at all)
Has anybody seen the thread for the true prop resizing?
The thing re-sizes the physics model using lua, which I would have thought impossible. Maybe something of the same principle could be used here to create a world model and physics model with the texture. Only way I could think of that happening would be laggy as hell, ragdolls have a bunch of poly’s and it would take a long time. It would also bug the texture a bit, but hey. It’s gmod.

You take one look at TF2, another at HL2:DM, and another at CS:S, they look somewhat similar, they use the same engine and have some things in common but are all pretty different. Then you look at GMOD, and its in a class of it’s own. It doesn’t seem like the same engine used in those could EVER make something like Wiremod or Spacebuild (which I am not very fond of, but the former is growing on me).

You just play CS:S, and GMOD seems the whole thing to be impossible with the source engine, but it can be done.

EDIT: You know what I would also love to see, once/if this is made/is possible, is dent-able props. None of those dumb animations, but actual denting with physical properties. Who’s with me on that?