status command not working...

Hi, ive just started a dedi rust server on my pc and im having trouble with status command. im trying to get my steam id but there’s no info being shown when i issue the status command


does anyone know how to fix this?

As a moderator on a server, the status command does work perfectly.

As far as I know, the status command has been disabled for the common player, so that players cannot check to see if an admin is online.

Go get your steam ID here:

That site doesn’t seem to recognize my steam name.

It works for me, otherwise try and search on google with this phrase: what is my steam id

Ive managed to get my id, but i still have the blank lines when i issue the status command as shown in the ss i posted


So you are saying that im a common player in the cmd window where im running the server? in that case who the hell are you suggesting is the admin…