Stay away from "AntiNoobs PVP 14.03 wiped"

First of all, the server population is faulty, and it shows 126/200 online, when there’s 26/100 online in real.
I’m assuming this is some kind of trick used by admin to attract more players, since when I looked at the “friendlist” playing on that server, the correct amount of people was shown (and we suspected from the beginning that it wasn’t real, due to the very low amount of death messages).

Another thing, the lovely russian admin, was using godmode, this is just one of the clips I’ve got recorded of this jackass.

When someone said in public that he was godmoding, he started banning them (I have that recorded as well, if you guys would like to see)

Here you have the jackass godmoder recorded.

Discuss the abuse that is currently going on on many servers.


For people who believed the guy wasn’t godmoding:**

Maybe it’s the case, I’m sure it’s probable I’ve posted in the wrong section, I don’t mind getting banned for it, if moderator decides to do so.
Now if we’ve got that behind us let’s get back to topic discussion, which was;

Admins using godmode on some servers.
Many have tried to discredit me and my topic, by saying he could have used medkits.
I’d like to prove to you guys that’s wrong.

Let’s take a look at his gear:
Rad helmet = 5 bullet prot
Rad pants = 5 bullet prot
Rad boots = 5 bullet prot
Total bullet protection = 15;

In the case of where I am proving that he was in fact god moding, I am using kevlar boots.
Kevlar boots bullet protection = 15; (suprise)

I was also using medkits instantly after the shot, which would be impossible in his case.

18s for my three shots, he's not dead. 20s for my friend to three-shot me, when I was instantly medkitting.

Since I am done here, and I’ve proven my point, peace, I’m out.

very suspicious

Who cares? If an admin wants to use god mode it’s their decision to do so. They pay for it and you or no one can say anything about it.
Now, if he is using god mode to grief…then yea, that is admin abuse

Paid admins on official servers plz.

I don’t know who cares, maybe people who fucking play there?

And yes, killing players while playing with godmode is and should be considered griefing gameplay for others.

O Kurva ! lol

Andmin wasnt supose to kill when he is in god mode. He had to tell them he has god enabled and that he is an admin.

Funny thing is, you guys in that video are the instigators. Try having a little bit more respect and you won’t get owned. What were you thinking?
And oh btw… You didn’t even get a clean shot off. Nothing came close to hitting him…your not a very good shot. Is it because you died that you assume he was using god mode?


You’re a worthless person, and a raging piece of shit.

If you knew anything about the game and the damages done, you’d know he was supposed to be dead. 3 times bolt shot, 2 arrow shots, hahaha, you must be so bad not to be able to realise that.

Cancerous person, probably hacking as well

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Swebonny))

You are simply put…an idiot. Go cry to mommy because you sure as hell aren’t worth a crap at shooting.
Now c’mon man, let’s get some more tears from you.
“Whaaaaa…I got pwned mommy”

I don’t know who gave you computer.

I just regret that he did.

You clearly need a dictionary. You are clearly raging sir.
But do not fear, your mums money has not gone to waste so just go to another server you idiot and stop complaining to people that do not care.

Also when you got the dictionary look up common sense.
Oh and I just watched it. You never got a headshot and that he can have a medkit/food yea? Did you think of that mate?

How old are you,boy?

Wow… a lot of people on this thread are going to get banned for flaming if you all don’t just get over it and shut up.

If you don’t like the server then don’t play there. You’ve done what you came to do, which is to inform other people, let’s all just leave it at that.

The irony is this sentence is astounding.

I have a video of the same guy getting hit 20 times with rock, while AFKing.

Also, if you knew any maths, or had any game experience, you’d know that it’s impossible to be alive after so many shots, regardless of how many medkits he had eaten up.

In addition, as I mentioned, he later on banned many players, when they accused him of godmode.

Next time, when you want to bring your three words into a conversation and insult me, please, at least do your research first, because all you’ve done is discredited yourself.

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And where exactly do you see irony? I am contributing, and showing people how some of the servers are handled, while also providing useful information. The guy comes in, insults me and then says some random bullshit, that has nothing to do with the topic, and also tries to lie and troll on the thread…

@Satiris: Oh well i don’t know, maybe he got banned for insulting the Admin? Ever thought about that?

Oh and the Video, don’t get me started on that. You said you hit 3 Times? Yes, yes you did. Very delayed tho. He had enough Time to recover with Medkits or any other Stuff he had, there is no Way that he had God Mode on what so ever. And your Bowmate there didn’t hit at all, just saiyan’

Now go Cry, leave the Server and play on another one, there are soooo many Servers and you shouldn’t bother with one, where you think the Admin abuses anything.

I saw three hitmarkers from that bolt-action. Should’ve downed him – and if the guy is an admin, it’s easy to assume he was in Godmode.

Seems like a clear-cut case. I’ll avoid that server, and thanks for the heads up.

Your first post on the forums? Have you ever played the game?

I mean seriously dude. “Very delayed shots”

My friend shot him with an arrow, TWICE. I shot him twice within 5 seconds and then again after 5 seconds with bolt action at the same time, do you seriously, want to tell me that you think that nearly naked guy, with 2 rad parts could survive that? Even with medkits?

And I’m 100% certain, that the fact that he later turned out to be an admin, was a coincidence, right?!
Please, go do your research before writing bullcrap, for real.

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God bless you good Sir, I thought it was impossible to find a reasonable person around here.

The irony he talks about is that you are a worthless person calling another a worthless person. Snickerdoodle, as far as i saw, enjoys going around sowing discord and making less of people almost wherever he writes, adding no constructive comments or any well-intentioned words. What can you expect from a guy that has a diarrhea turd with eyes and a bearded mouth as profile image?