Stay away from HFB Server Hosting

If you guys are looking into using HFB server hosting I would check THIS out first.

If you are too lazy to look then I will give you the TL;DR version.

HFB servers will crash all the time and the support will tell you that it’s being DDOS’d. Funny how the server only goes down for 10-15 minute periods and then it magically works again for a while. I can elaborate on reasons why it isn’t a DDOS attack but this is a TL;DR… They will offer to move you over to another server with “better mitigation” sometimes at an additional cost. Oh yea, and they won’t offer refunds due to a vague ToS…

This is a little sensationalist.

We have our server with HFB and have never experienced any downtime.

The DDOS protection plan is offered but isn’t mandatory. You can’t blame them for trying to push extra products on you, it’s standard sales.

You can’t generalise an entire company over one or two incidents.

HFB are fine.

I rented a server from another company yesterday, and have not heard back and their website is now down :frowning:

Glad to hear that you haven’t had issues with them. My experience with them it completely terrible. If it is just the two of us then maybe it is an isolated incident, but I thought I would put this out there to see if maybe we weren’t the only two. Thanks for posting that you haven’t had issues with them.

Yeah, I get why you posted but warning the entire community off a company that is one of the few that can host the game right now is the wrong way to do it.

Besides it’s not cool for these companies to get bad reps from isolated incidents. It ruins careers.

Hope your server issues are resolved from now on :slight_smile: Good luck.

I normally don’t bother with stuff like this but since there are so few hosts I just wanted to let people know to watch out on hosting. This hosts issues aren’t just with Rust either. If you dig around enough you will see.

I disagree that it’s the wrong way to handle this. That is the purpose of a community. If one has issues like this then the rest need to be warned, cautioning them in their decision. If it’s an isolated incident then they should not be worried and it will not effect their decision. After all, what exactly is the right way to do it? As for it giving them a bad rep, well they brought that on themselves. The way they treated me, a customer deserves to be looked at. If I was someone who never used their service it would be different, but I was a customer. When you own a business you are subject to customer approval, it’s just part of it. I know, as a previous business owner.

My server issues were never resolved by them, this is why I went elsewhere with my hosting. Everything is perfect with the other host though.

I’m using HFB for my server hosting. I’ve had no issues. Completely pleased.

According to HFB we have been DDoS’d once in two months. It took 12 hours for them to migitate the attack (or it stopped by itself I don’t know) and after that we continued to stay online without any problems. Only thing that got me worked up was the lack of communication. We had 150 people playing on our server, went down and they didn’t respond to my ticket until it was over… 12 hours later :’)

Bottomline is HFB is fine when it’s working, and (like many others) may slack of when it’s not.

Me too.

Telling people to avoid a company altogether because you had issues is really not cool.
Saying you had these issues and telling people who the hosting provider was is fine.

Everything is in the wording to make your post go from informative to hostile.

The others in the thread seem happy with HFB.

I’m honestly glad that you guys aren’t having issues. I hope you never have the issues that I had with them.

I want to clarify the post on reddit (I will also be posting there). We do Not offer advertise DDoS protection anywhere, nor have we, as such every game service we sell is sold without any DDoS protection, most of our providers will however mitigate small ~1gbps attacks.

With that being said we do have a few (not on site advertised) DDoS protected locations

We offer Dallas 20gbps DDoS protected servers for $50/mo as stated in the reddit post. This is 100% optional and no one is EVER forced to pay for it.

We offer Quebec DDoS protected servers Free of Charge and any clients are welcome to move there a simple ticket can be submitted and we will be happy to move a client there.

We offer France DDoS protected servers Free of Charge, and once again, clients are welcome to move there if they like.

We have also NEVER DDoS’d a client as the reddit post suggested to make an extra $50, not only is this a ridiculous behaviour but it would only cause us more support load, and more issues/complaints from clients, and issues with said server provider where the original server is located as well most DC’s do not like DDoS attacks. It simply does not make sense to DDoS our own server to make $50

We are working to offer lower cost DDoS protection solutions in more locations like NY, LA, and Chicago in the future, however once again, with that being said, they would be completely optional, no client is forced to pay for an upgrade.

You can refer to my tickets about the problems that I had. I am not sure what all the Reddit OP discussed with you guys, but at no point have I openly accused you guys of DDOSing my server.

Oh please. Mostly can stop 1gbps ddos attacks? Have you guys bothered to read about DDoS attacks that are actually small scale taking down enterprise level DDoS protected websites and servers?

I don’t think you have.

My service has been out for over 15+ hours and your only response was “Oh yeah, the node was being attacked so we can’t determine if it’s just your server or their directed / intended route for attack so we null routed your ip until it’s either been mitigated or filtered or stopped.”

I put in multiple responses and your response times range between 2 and 4 hours. Your customer service has gone from decent to horrendous in a matter of days.

You want to continue keeping our money? Focus on your customer service area more and less on posting on these forums and telling us you’ve never offered it.

Let me be very clear: If you offer DDoS Protection at one location, you should offer them at all.

Even entry level DDoS protection would far better protect you against this problem. Not to mention, a server being down for 15+ hours? I hope to God you intend to credit all the people on your Seattle node that are without service right now with reasonable compensation, or move them to Dallas and waive the DDoS protection fee in order to satisfy.

As it stands, not only am I out of service, but so are a few others… and to be truthful… we’re pretty fucking pissed about it.

I see you responded to this 28 minutes ago but haven’t responded to my ticket that’s almost an hour old now.

Where the fuck are your priorities at HFB?

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Seems you and I are in the same boat. Dealing with our servers being out at the moment. I’m curious, are you on a Seattle node as well?

Our HFB server has been down 5 days continously now, and has been up and down for 10 days due to either issues, or DDOS. We left HFB. That server should still be up, but it’s not.

Oh god, the HFB fanboys are out.

We had a server with HFB. Performance was okay, maybe slightly worse than our Multiplay servers. Unfortunately the HFB server spent a significant amount of time down. Then I discovered some really shady terms in their TOS, and we bailed.

As for this nonsense:

That’s how reviews work. People post reviews based on their experience. This is a community where people are encouraged to participate and that means people will do exactly that.

Based on the threads here, this is by no means an isolated incident. I’m sorry someone insulted your favorite GSP, but you shouldn’t take it personally.

When I had the server is was operating in the Kansas City region. Like you most of my tickets took 8+ hours to get a response. When your server is dying for a indeterminate amount of time, and multiple times within that day it becomes ridiculous. It wasn’t until I have conversed with them multiple times that they “decided” my server was being DDOS’d…

I have the server with them stopped right now due to the issues I had so I have no clue if it’s suffering at this point. My other host is having zero issues at the moment though.

I’m not getting dragged into a flame war with you.

Firstly, I’m certainly not a fan boy for any hosting company. Regardless of who the OP had mentioned my response would have been the same. It’s not fair on any company for people to say things like that.

Reviews are fine, openly telling people to stay away from a provider in the title aren’t. Reviews are meant to be constructive accounts of people’s experiences of something. Not an all our “Do not use this” slinging match.

I’m looking into killing my server with them if they can’t get their shit in order and their priorities straight in terms of customer service and quicker issue resolving. seems to be the easier solution to go with in comparison to this. Wonder how they’re going to feel if I take my business elsewhere since I did consider renting multiple servers with them. This will be a major dealbreaker if they cannot seem to get anything fixed in under 15+ hours. DDoSing can last multiple days, understood, but none the less… you can blacklist ip addresses using simple Linux bash scripts.

I found one that would block an entry level attack (which is most likely what it is and they’re saying it’s large scale lol) by blacklisting the IP and denying every communication method possible. Blacklisting the ip address tables will mitigate a major portion of the attack.

It’s sad how I can look this shit up in a matter of minutes and apply it for the sake of testing and they can’t seem to do this. It’s like I said before, even entry level ddos would prevent servers from going down due to their supposed “large scale attack(s)” that continually happen.

My Server Status is Unknown right now. I dont know why. And i’m they take ages to reply.