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This is a Bullshit server with REALLY bad admins who bans people for no reason, just cuz they get raided themselves and other players whine so much!



Peace // MadneZz^^

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

Wow, please feel free to DDOS, what an idiot. Maybe when you grow up, you’ll learn how a DDOS attack works, and why this would punish the server provider and all the other servers on this host.

Screenshots, video, names, specifics and proof, or you are just whining.

I don’t care if his claim is legit, asking for DDOS is stupid. :rolleye:

They Banned me and my friend cuz we had the biggest building on the server , and told us we are to strong. and that they get complaints everyday from people about us. but they have no proof of it and we never did anything. Admin abuse like hell on the server.

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Not that serious tho when it comes to the DDOS.

just mad on the bullshit admins and their admin abuse.

only want the server blacklisted.

Hey, i play on this server.
The story here is not being told in its truth, He was asked to leave becouse new people had no chance to establish themselves on the server. They were trying to get a solution for this. but he threw a tantrum and went crazy. Its as simple as this: The server were loosing players, and admins asked him to stop destroying and killing everything. He started calling admin abuse and freaking out before admins even did anything. They were trying to find a solution withouth kicking or banning him.

He threw a tantrum… no way! I’d never have pegged him to do anything like that. :rolleyes:

Really though, this game is in alpha, servers are going to wipe regularly and people will lose all their stuff often. Just move to a different server?

Doesn’t matter how “serious” you are. Saying that people should break the law to satisfy your hurt pride and ego is just plain wrong. You invalidated any sympathy anyone may have had for you with your malicious intent. No one is going to agree with you now.

Alot of people moved to a different server. They were simply to strong and had too much resources, so new players had no chance of getting started.
The point being that the admins are paying for this server themselves. The server peaked at 64 players, but the last few days it struggled to get over 10. actions had to be taken . If you pay for a server with 100 slots you’d like more than 6 people playing on it.

I just don’t play on anything but official server. Problem solved.

I tried that once. But there was alot of hackers on the server :frowning:

Hey guys, owner of the mentioned server here.

I would just like to pitch in on this whine post as I don’t like to see my servers and/or staff attacked like this without being able to defend themselves (this is, after all, an invite-only forum).

“MadNeZz^^” was banned from our server today, because of his repeated grief-causing and refusal to comply with our rules. He has been warned on several occasions to stop killing the fresh spawned players and to reduce the amount of raids he is pulling on our players.

Today we asked him yet again to comply with the rules, but he decided to reply with verbal abuse and accusations of “admin abuse”. I think this was related to the fact that he raided some of our admins last night.

This is true - I did ask him to leave the server in the end, but only after repeated attempts at making him comply with the rules. When he refused to leave, I kicked him myself, and when he came back to resume his whining, I banned him.

Hope this helps.

Proper Bullshit internethero.

I didnt do anything wrong, and i did not “freak out” i only defended myself from the admins complains on facts they got from bad players. they are just bad admins that doesn´t listen to both sides.

The message came out to some people so hopefully some players avoid the server and thats a win for me.

Need to be more active as a admin and gather the right facts before judgeing people to be a Good admin.

idk man…sounds like you’re better off on another server anyhow.

all your shit would end up wiped eventually…just move on.

seems like Mr. Smith’s goals/intent for his server are different that how you want to play.

That doesn’t sound like abuse in my opinion. A single, strong faction can easily commit genocide to an entire server. It’s something Garry didn’t think about, and its something I’ve been witnessing first hand. Someone comes in, uses terrorism to recruit smaller factions, and eventually you have a bandit empire dominating everyone else.

Anyways I get tired of seeing these threads.

  1. Can’t you just post this in the server sub-forum, not the rust forum itself?
  2. Couldn’t you have just posted on the viking server’s thread instead of making a new one?

if that was defending yourself , Please do not become a lawyer, you gonna get alot of innocent people jailed. You are out of your mind sir.
You even seem to have missed the point.

I agree. Although we don’t have a thread on Facepunch we do have a section for feedback on our forum. The fact that he posted in here only proves that he does not care about justice, but so mend his hurt pride.

Mistur you never even wanted to hear my side of the story. you just based your facts on what other players had said to you. WRONG facts. it wasnt even me that killed any freshspawn… My friend did alot of things that i got the blame for… and if you´ve been more active on your server you would know what was the truth. And to just ban me and then delete me on steam so i cant do shit is just proper bad behavior.

I just don’t think you need to be defended. This guy is a nutter, asking people to break the law in order to grief you. NO - he only made a fool of himself.

stop fixating on one thing that he took back in another post. no one else is.