Stay Away from These Idiots

The problem has been solved. I am not as big of an asshole as you guys call me, I was just trying to find another server to hang out on, until I realized that you guys seem to want to mess with me to the point of idiocy.
Also, I’m not that connection guy. Although I find his tricks funny, I only have one alt, which I don’t even remember the name to. Everyone, I apologize for bringing this to Facepunch, and I am not a minge, just misunderstood. If you are a moderator, please, lock and destroy this thread.

I know it’s kinda sad what they did to you, but I’m not going to act like a total Minge for you , or for anyone else.

Live with it, there is tons of garrysmod build server.

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I know exactly how you felt (well, kind of).

When I started hosting my build server, once my internet was beefy enough, it was fun. Some kid named “Snake the Combine Leader” joined, and wanted admin. I had no admin mod, so he added me to friends, and helped me set up ULX. So after getting set up, I got on, and so did he. Admin is what he wanted, so I granted him admin. Worst mistake I ever made.

So this kid named “NewbixCube” joins, and after seeing the train we built, asked how it was done. I was about to politely help, but Snake said don’t. I ignored him, and went across the map, and began to help Newbixcube. After 10 seconds of helping, I saw this.

SnaketheCombineLeader: loki…

I got banned from my own server.

So from then on, I deny anyone admin rights, except my brother, and a good friend. If anyone asks for admin, I either ban them, just say no, or to make them really shut up, tell them to donate.

Ok, so it wasn’t really close to what happened to you, but we were both back stabbed by an admin.

Always administrate with an iron ban hammer!

Uhm… if you own the server, you can easily unban yourself.

Go in there and erase your name.

Or maybe you already know?

Anyone know about drunkies slide on eyah well I was an admin on what used to be his server (he stopped paying cause he didn’t want it or something)
That first time I had “abused” cause I jailed everyone and then I crashed on accident lol, and I got my admin taken away. Everyone was being an UBER MINGE. Ok so then he announced that the server was shutting down in a couple days and he said he didn’t care what happened on the server and so they did a few nukes, people crashed a couple times and went back on, then I asked for admin and I started using admin sweps to kill newbs and shit.Then the bastard took away my admin cause I was abusing! I was like what the fuck you said you didn’t care what happened to the server, and like 10 other admins were doing things 10 times as worse as me I was like fuck you.

But it’s your server, just take yourself off banned_users.

And take away his admin. And ask why he did it.

Whenever people are assholes, I just want them to explain why more than anything.


Nothing worse than an abusing admin with power, give a madman a gun and he will kill people, give him flowers and he will choke you to death with them.

I hate feeling powerless when you get these mingebags on.

Administrate with a steel ban hammer! :slight_smile:

I used to play on N3DMs Server, I am glad I quit playing, too.
I just never liked it. Everyone in there seemed like an asshole.

Granite pl0x

Anything for a fellow facepuncher !

You were banned for adding too much AIDS and fail to the server (700+ files needed when someone joins?), for being a bad admin in general (10+ complaints), for not doing your job correctly as a “developer” (You were seriously just going to and downloading EVERYTHING, and you also had close-to-zero knowledge of LUA), and for being an asshole to everyone but me (Don’t try to suck up to me, I hate that.). I never had a problem with you up until you tried to take things in to your own hands (for instance, pretending you actually OWNED my server, telling me how to administer it, and ultimately abusing your powers anyways after I tell you no and no and no). You also tried to give yourself more privs than n3dm, and did it anyways when I told you no.

You have many valid reasons for your ban, I was just waiting for you to do the wrong thing at the right time so I could make it happen. You may or may not be unbanned depending on your reply (Drop me a PM if you want to talk), but you will NEVER regain admin back. About n3dm’s server, I don’t know.

See ya.

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Lolwut, I’m not calling your phone.

Read op.

You guys want to take your squabble elsewhere? I doubt people want this thread to be bumped just to listen to you two bitch and moan.

Read op.

-I- really didn’t call your phone (Totally SRS), and why don’t you contact them to get them to stop? Don’t tell me to do anything, I already banned you. Also, you may be 14, but don’t act 6. The FBI could give two shits about internet pranks.

Anyways, to respond to your post, you did things that were worth getting rid of you as admin. Too many complaints (EVERYONE told me to get rid of you as admin, because you MIC SPAM, etc), said you abuse (I’ve been sent logs of you ragdolling, igniting, slaying, moving props, etc) so meh, I guess it was time for you to go.

My server is built for the enjoyment of others wishing to play Garrys Mod. The first point im going to address is that you must pay to play Garrys Mod. now how can anyone enjoy the game if people such as (DOOMGUY) are admins. Constantly having your creations messed with and destroyed is not wat admins are for. Admins are supposed to protect others and protect the server. Not use their rights for their own needs, besides changing maps or gamemodes.