Stay away from this server!

Long story short…a group of about 10 of us dominated this server
(Legit Rust Official (w/Oxide)
ip address:

We raided a ton of bases, always ran in big groups and generally won most of our shootouts. We spend a shit load of time making our base (and smaller outposts) and dominated hacker valley.

After a long night of raiding, a bunch of players complained to an admin that one of our guys was aim botting, which was bullshit…so what did that admin do? Did he observe our guy for awhile to see for himself? No. Did he ask us? No. He gathered all the players in the server, sent them at our base pretty much fully armed, then teleported into our base…accused us of hacking without being able to defend ourselves…and proceeded to mute/kick all of us while the other playes destroyed our base. We spoke our mind freely of the injustice and he muted us for it.

So yeah, this isn’t a friendly/fair server to be on so I advise you to stay away. Figured you’d all want to know.

(User was banned for this post ("use the servers subforum and don't bother with accusations unless you have proof." - postal))