Stay calm, lady. we are here to rescue you.

I know the items suck most. I was gonna make them look good, but i got bored and i lack mspaint skills.
No hud picture.

Any critisism ? I am starting turning into a dark freak.

Don’t know why you used paint, hah. Ehh… I think it’s a good concept. Just… not really much going on in it, I guess.

MSpaind is easy to draw stuff. And yeah lately i am doing boring stuff, Thanks for the opinions.

I really like it. Nice idea, nice HUD, and the picture just looks good to the eye. I’m no critic though…

Why thank you my good sir.

I don’t like the HUD very much, although I can tell it’s reminiscent of L4D. Probably could have spent a little more effort making the radio/grenade(?) icons.

Also, this reminds me of REC

I guess it’s personal taste. And yea, i could have spent more time which i didn’t. Also about rec, this was my first posing idea.

Other than that little strip where you can through the soldier on the right’s neck, everything looks cool. I like the L4D hud by the way.

I’m not liking the HUD so much. But I love the posing.

I didn’t quiet got that actually.


Great except that HUD

You could have ripped some of the icons from L4D2 you know.

Hmmm, i could just take the vtm’s from the l4d 2 gamefile. Still, i am a lazy ass.

Reminds me quite strongly of the trailer for REC2.

Personally, I like it, but you can pretty much tell that the HUD was made in paint.

the hud is terrible but the lighting is quite nice

the scanlines aren’t great, but at least you made some attempt to make them look less like arbitrary grey lines and more like you’d really see on a low-res display