"Stay close, these caves are foul places..."

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Wanted to make a cool D&D style pose. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, except for the fact that the Dark Messiah models can’t be finger posed. C&C is always welcome.

I kinda like it, atmosphear is good, posing ain’t bad nor is the faceposing.

would look exellent with some editing.

These three make me think of this

Theirs no finger posing…?

It definately needs a better light source… Ya know, you could’ve just made a light source with a green glow off camera…

And what the hell is with everyone and thread music.

Read the opening post.

What do you mean? Thread music has been around for a long time and if it is used right it can really heighten the impact of an image.

Guess i missed that.

Not nearly as long as you’d think. It wasn’t even around in mid 08. It’s just a cheesey way for someone to get extra sympathy for their image… Unless it’s environmental audio or ambient sounds it doesn’t add anything other then a cheap gimmicky feel -.-

And i thought the GRAMMAR NAZI days of facepunch were long past.

Dark Messiah models ripped straight from the game have zero finger posing. I don’t know why, put it annoys me to no end. The lighting was the best I could come up with in game, I’m not good with photoshop. And normally I wouldn’t do thread music, but I thought it would work well with these D&D shots.

I don’t know too much about photoshop either and i can only do small touch ups and some smoke effects, if i try to do anything more large scale it comes out amatuerish, but if theirs one thing i’ve learned it’s that GMOD10 is VERY versatile and can always compensate for what you may lack in normal after-editing skills.

The reason i comment on the lighting is because it obscures alot of the details in that image and makes it harder to judge the posing topped on with the added fact that your front posing is covering alot of the other characters and with the shield… Well, it really cuts down on what we can actually see.

The environment is good, the character selection is good (although i’ve rarely seen orc D&D players >.<), alls you need to work on is the execution.

You know, I agree with you. I need to practice editing and such. I was trying to get a nice effect where all the characters were partially hidden in shadow, but it does obscure the detail.

If you own photoshop or aquired it by “other” means, then theirs ways you can increase the lighting quite easily such as using contrast, sharpen, saturation, white balance, and some other nifty automatic utlities that would make the image look DRASTICALY better, and if you don’t mind, i could quickly take the picture and do a simple example edit on it.

Sure. If anybody wants to do edits, feel free, I’d love to see some 'shopping on it.


I edited the contrast, vibrance, and white balance and i also fixed the ball in her hand to look more natural and dynamic. Hope you like it :smiley:

Hells yeah, that is a good edit! I’m saving this, fo’ sho’.


It was a rather quick edit, what took the longest (which wasn’t really that long) was the ball, i just use’d the smudge tool and some blur.

If i had more time i’d work more on improving the faces and some other things but that’s a decent example.

looks like some cool box cover art.
With some neat editing, this could look awesome


here I edited it.


Quick edit tho…

So… you upped the brightness and contrast and went to town with the smudge tool?

Yea, got a problem with that? It looks decent.

I have got a problem with that; it doesn’t look decent. The lighting change is barely noticeable unless you compare the pictures side-by-side and the smudging looks like shit.

this pic reminds me of neverwinter nights, ahhhh good memorys. have a artistc for making me happy and making a good atmoshperinc picture.