"stay down team."



Hey look!
Its this pose again!

Shut up combine… leave them alone…

Why is everybody posing military guys standing around? Its boring.

Btw the pose seems flawless but the door seems to glow.

Well posed but very dull and the jpeg compression is dodgy.

??where is the pic?

Its because you posed those “badass” Military dudes standing around. Forum gets flooded with those kind of poses.

Soap is getting redundant

You have too many complaints

Sorry I’ll lower my standards and try and enjoy boring shit with artifacts all over it. Oh like your pictures.

guys, lets not turn this into a flame war.

on topic: good posing but boring.

You have too many complaints. >:(

nice camera angle

To me there is just something about the posing that is just a little off, not really sure what, they just look a little weird, also glowing door. Other then those small “errors” it’s a very nice picture, very good work, even though this has been done before :stuck_out_tongue:

Mactavish looks like he wants to take a shit.

Whats’goin on 'ere.

stop complaining cause i like it, feels boring but look, lt’s great, isn’t it?
so have artistic dude