"Stay in camp after sunset, okay?"

Now to make things interesting ITT, you guys get to come up with a plot to this game/movie/book.

Shoulda listened to the commander buddy…
VERY excellent, reminds me of a comic book page :slight_smile:

large numbers of people have gone missing recently
civilians, hunters, officers… the only connection is they entered the forest at night…

That would be such a terrifying enemy to encounter in a game.

It’s a surreal and slow paced movie following the exploits of a creature of unknown origin. When I say surreal, I don’t mean trippy themes or visuals. I’m simply referring to viewing events through a filter we may not be familiar with. To begin, the viewer will most likley ask themselves if the creature is an alien or mutant of some kind. You never know and you never find out because that’s not what’s important. What is important is that this creature is exploring the world at his own pace in his own way.

The first half of the movie follows his exploits in the wild, starting with him catching and eating large animals which is violent and disturbing, but done to remind you that the creature is as much curious and innocent as he is savage. His travels take him from tropical islands to the frigid arctic sea.

Eventually, his travels take him into the middle of a human warzone presumed to be somewhere in Eastern Europe. Who’s fighting? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that the creature is chomping down on a tasty bear when a guerrilla fighter stumbles upon him. The fighter speaks in a made up language to him (made up language makes the human element appear as foreign to the viewer as it is the creature, like Shadow of the Colossus but with a contemporary edge)

The rest of the film continues to follow the creature on his travels. He goes through a destroyed town, climbs a mountain and witnesses a gorgeous vista with the occasional stack of smoke rising from fires off in the distance.

The film is about the creature and war is only used as a backdrop for the creature to explore. The creature doesn’t have distinguishable emotions though. He never shows sadness or happiness. He’s just a curious blank slate observing nature for all it is.

The title “Fringe” comes from the creatures place in nature. He’s not like other life which is made to survive and pass on it’s genes. He is just… Here. A witness to the world, and he watches everything from the side. How long has he existed? Where did he come from? It’s not important, but these will be the kinds of questions the viewer will ask themselves during the film only to get no answers. This is to draw focus to the experience of the creature.

better than my suggestion :v:

He’s very childlike and doesn’t understand complex emotions and ideologies
he simply, IS.

Also worth noting that there wouldn’t be a musical score in the traditional sense, but musical themes would be presented in the form natural sounds. Birds chirping, leaves rustling in the wind and so on would create a basic, but solid composed theme for the movie with different environments using different sounds to continue playing the theme.

Doc should be a film writer.