"Stay in cover you foo- Oh god DAMN it!" PAC specops patrol pinned down by an EU walker

Tried to find suitable thread music but fuck it

Also first decent pic after formatting woooo



Scenebuild, like always. Man this extended material tool is handy.

exceptional work, comrade!

that is some tasty ass work you got there.

Fuckin’ A, I love thissssssssssss

Looks tasty!

The edit and the shot position are amazing! Great work!

I don’t really agree about the angle/positioning. The only compositionally OK things in the picture are the sniper on the left and the bang on the right. IMO. Thank you, though.

Explosion debris could use some work.

Yeah I pretty much just threw some splatter brushes in there to simulate dirt/snow.

Don’t worry, will put more work into the next explosion.

Aww man. I just made a screen with snow and Battlefield 2142 vehicles. Damn you and your mad skills.

Don’t mind me, just post it.

The lighting on the guy getting hit by the explosion.
Fucking gorgeous.

Also, got a link to this extended material tool?


'Ere ye go, mate.

This looks so helpful. Thanks <3

Heres a pack of brushes I found over the years

some good some bad but yeah, free brushes!

Greece after the collapse of the euro

Wow fantastic! I love it.

Don’t worry, it’s not gonna happen yet.

You seem to be getting better this time.

great effects editing and posing and depth as usual. composition is really right-heavy though

and you’ve gone back to that old thing you used to do where you make loads of the picture taken up by the floor for some reason