"Stay sharp." Conscripts Scouting some caves.


Before you start complaining that this is not the ‘epic’ thing I promised; I saw this in my folder and since it is related to the previous two pictures I posted I decided to post it before anything relatively interesting comes out. Hopefully.

Yay, The one on the right looks semi-retarded.

  • Picture is not epic
  • There is a lack of epic in the far left top corner

But really,

  • Good posing
  • Lighting is confusing, is there some sort of flare on the ground?
  • Good combination of BF2142 weapons rather than just using some nondescript SOPMOD
  • Editing is simple and nice

The picture is alright, but you should really make a comic out of the conscript series.
That would be really cool (if it’s good of course.)

i actually have no clue what those are from, im guessing mass effect 2 but idk, looks good,the fact that they’re not dead is epic enough for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not sure why they would be dead… :raise:

There is a story.

The lighting is from those grubs in the cave.

Thanks y’all.

is either one of them gonna fuck lady shepard cuz if not im audi 5000

Both will. :q:

i already tapped that shit bro that flower’s been POPPED

Lighting looks good.

Guy on the right looks like he’s seeing his gun for the first time.

Yeah, it kinda does look like that.

Kinda boring but everything else is superb.

As usual, very good. Ya done me proud, son.

I like these models, because how you use them.
I wish I had them :C
And the weapons blend with them very well, I’ve never noticed the weapons are from BF2142 until it got pointed out.

Your pictures lately have been rather dull, Ben. They have a nice backstory in the title… but that’s all there is too it really. They seem to be just Turians walking around and looking into the distance, with a bit of bloom overload.

Beautifull work.

Yup that’s exactly whats happening in every pose he makes, Their dull and awesome.


I appreciate those who do fancy the more ‘social’ that I make rather than battles. But I do agree with the opposition. If I am to excel in any of my plans, whether it be Psy-Cops, Vortigaunt Chronicles, Sci-Fi Crew, Vandal, or whatever the fuck I think of, I will have to venture into the ‘special effects’ area.


The “conscript” on the right looks like a cute cat!