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Quick note: Took me quite a while to get this one right and i also did the blood spatter myself.


Pupre hair

Could’ve done with a better angle. I’d say post this in the “Don’t want to post a picture thread” till your skills get better.

You cant be serious "-_-

What model is that fempyro? I’ve seen it in a couple other pictures.

Sorry Let me re-fraze… :smile: "This pose could’ve done with a better angle, There’s alot of wasted space on the left and right sides of the couple. Also could’ve done with some better lighting. I’d say post your pictures in the “Wan’t to Post a picture but don’t wan’t to make a thread” Thread till you improve.

I do not think i need improvement, im sorry if i cant be 100 % perfect because i just do this for fun after all.

The angle of the blood splatter leads me to believe that the shot was fired from above the Pyro, which would have caused the bullet to pass through her left tit and leave her relatively unharmed, although probably in trauma and immense pain. Can’t imagine dying from that.

those are some nasty fucking tits


I think its that one.

Are you gay or somethin’?

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I actually scrapped a “15 min before” picture that would explain the death.

am i gay??? lmao

those tits are gross

Well you can continue to have your fun making these but until you learn to take criticism keep your “fun” to yourself.

Also those tits are disgustingly large.