Steady aim?

Could someone provide me with a snippet to get me on the right path?
I’m trying to make some kind of anti-sway for snipers. Yes, it’s an hack i know, But that’s what scriptenforcer is for.

Anti-sway for snipers? What? They don’t sway. This isn’t CoD…

Mad cow’s do.


Or actually, the weapons are worshippers.


You know ByB Has no scriptenforcer… ;x And they have madcows

wouldn’t the swaying be scripted INSIDE the sweps?

yeah, have fun trying to find that.

Oh no a global table and opensource swep

It’s just fucking annoying that the gun jumps from left to right, exactly over peoples heads over longer ranges :expressionless:

Which makes it hacking, like in FPS games too

Then scriptenforcer should be enabled. Also, you’re not really contributing to the thread.

I’m just telling that you’ll use this on ByB, since you know that Scriptenforcer isn’t enabled. Atleast not working properly. I used alot of lua scripts, when Iw as admin, I used auto-admin-chat, so, I would say something in admin advert each 5 minutes.