"Steady,Steady"An American Soldier preparing to fire his bazooka


I guess this is my best pose yet,give me fair criticism.

Nice 1

It is wonderful. Like you, dear leader.

Please don’t throw me in a death camp.

In all seriousness, this is actually pretty good. I like the camera angle. Would have been better if you upped your graphics a bit more, and if you used Super DoF.

I did use max graphics and Super DOF actually,but i don’t see any changes :saddowns:

Awesome picture.
I noticed that the hand of the guy on the left is sinking into the wall/bench thing.

Since when Kim-Jong-Il have made Alie with the American?

Kill him!He must know nothing!

Overall, I like the lighting and the posing quite a bit. It kinda seems like the dust under the Tiger’s treads ends a bit abruptly, however.

Wow. It’s amazing.

The texture on the american is horrible, what kind of retard gave it to you ?

With all due respect, dear leader, it is the smoke/dust under the tank that doesn’t look too great.

However, everything else looks great!