Stealing Intelligence Can Be Fun

He forgot that potato.

Fatty mc Fat Fat Orphan

Great idea and execution.

Heavy doesn’t do a thing, he must be a spy.

holy shit, this is amazing
i absolutely love this pic the most in the section right now nghghghgh

i just love it, a lot
the posing is good my child and the way you edited the portal in is just SEX SEX SEX, it fits properly with the tf2 art style and unlike all those other overdone detailed effects, this one you made has the portal effects that fits both portal and tf2 art styles

good, very good

Amazing work. Good job on both editing and posing.

I like them effects it looks nifty

good picture, as for me I would make another angle to better show the portal but I guess you already tried that.

focusing too much on the portal would have ruined the pic in my opinion
i think this pic is perfect as it is

Those… eyes.

But the picture is great! Fine angle and pretty effects! And a nice idea too!

scout stud

Anyway how did you make the portal?

It’s all fun and games until an Engineer builds a sentry in front of the Blue Portal when he isn’t looking.

more like building a teleport right on the floor back to the enemy intel

Nice work. I love it!