Stealing Signs

I want to be able to steal the beautiful art people make in game. So please make it so that a sign falls off the wall and can then be picked up, rather than being destroyed when chopped at. Thanks.

Heh, don’t know how to feel about this one. Would be interesting to have art thieves. They would be like trophies you would find in someones base and realize THAT cunt was the one that raided you while offline and took your favorite defining sign. Need to make it a pain to take from far away so a well placed barricade must be destroyed before taking it if you have outside signs.

I want metal signs that take c4 to destroy, I made cities/towns when I play and people are assholes and break my signs for the town often.

Oh I’d love to be an Art Thief :))))) Nice suggestion !

Absolutly wonderfull idea… lost are aniway if wall blow up… sign fall down and are raidable !!


Yeah I mean the diea is not that you could just hit “use” and take the sign down. You would have to hack it off the wall just like you do currently, but instead of it breaking it would fall off and be lootable.

This would DEFINITELY add an interesting dynamic to the game. 5000 votes up.

Newman: “so sick of getting raided, can I join your team?”
Established: “Sure! Come on in!”
Newman: (sees his artwork on the wall, plays it cool, builds trust and rapport with the team, gets added to tool cupboards, volunteers to defend the base while the team goes on a road, steals all resources to build an armored fence around base entry points, C4s foundations)

I like it but definitely think it should be done from the action button menu, unless locked. breaking it down should still destroy it so art thief have to be careful not to damage their prize.