Stealing the package from the weeping Angels.

Stealing the package from the weeping Angels.

One does not simply run from weeping angels.

(I tried to reset the embedding option, I allowed my self. But I still can’t embed it… Maybe youtube has to refresh the settings of my video before I can actually embed it? It says the owner (I) did not allow embedding…)

Addon used:

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Btw, camera does also cause the angels to freeze?

i’m gay

Me too.

So I

I’m not.

I am. No seriously I am.

Real brave of you to tell us that ;).

For the record, I am straight though.

Man, I love tits

Expects comments about OP’s video.
Sees people coming out of the closet.
Is confused.

(Straight BTW)

Yeah, this whole topic is ruined :(.

I’m not gay. . . Unless the answer is yes. . .

Well, everyone can say “I’m gay” here because internet makes us anonymous. I’m pretty sure that you’re all straight, but in a shitty XXI century being gay is “cool” and “oh my”. Damn communists, transsexualists, homosexualists etc.

With some exceptations, ofc.

And this is My Arrogant Opinion. I warned you about that.

l2edit bro