Stealth-based gamemode: Some questions

I started a couple of gamemode projects but never finished any. I’m still a beginner with Lua but plan on improving. Keep in mind that at no point in this post am I asking anyone to make anything for me.

That said, I want to start a new project, this time similar in concept to modern-day stealth games, primarily Metal Gear Solid.

My first question is: has it been done before? I haven’t seen anything like it since I’ve been a member here, but I haven’t delved too far into past threads.

Second: Nothing about it seems particularly difficult, except for some specific features: grappling, stun (shorter KO) and sleep (tranquilizer, longer KO). I would use a variable for stamina, which non-lethal attacks would deplete. How difficult do you think it would be to allow players to grab and hold others stationary? Animations are not a priority right now, just the code. I’m thinking of using a sort of competitive mini-game in these situations, like the first player to enter a key combination wins the struggle. The attacker would be able to quickly choke out or throw, or the defender would break out of the hold.

I worked on a project like that, but then I stopped working on it. Unlike your project, it was based on Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory’s Versus multiplayer.

Right now I’m re-making it from scratch, but I say - go for it, make your gamemode, because it’s always good to have a variety of gamemodes. :smile:

I want to do it, yes, but I wanted to know how difficult my ideas sounded. In terms of coding. I’m not able to get started at this very moment, so I am throwing this out there for feedback.

The coding itself isnt really that difficult when you understand basic logic, can do some math, and search the wiki/codebase. The hard part is structuring and organising it all in a way that it works together seamlessly and flows well rather than having messy inflexible code that will have to be rewritten when you want to change/add something down the line.

The specifics can be worried about later, a good framework needs to be put in place that covers the mechanics of the gamemode, like how players are set up, teams, scoring, objectives etc.

Oh god, that was so hard. Yet incredibly entertaining.

@op even if something is out/done, it’s always nice to have variation. Do it how you’d liket o play it. And as far as I know LEETNOOB’s gamemode is the only one similar that I’ve heard of.

Thanks for the feedback. I might have something to show sometime in the near future, I might not.