Stealth elements

One thing i have noticed in my many hours on rust is that groups destroy all, which is fine, to an extent. If you are a solo player, or just with a couple friends, people with 5+ in their crew can be pretty overwhelming. Why is there no stealth element? Crouch walking creating no sound could make this game much more versatile, especially for the little guys. It’s almost pointless trying to ambush players unless you are armed to the teeth, because they can just simply hear you walking from 15 feet away, no matter if you are crouched. I’m sure camouflage type materials will be added at a later date, but there still needs to be something to make it viable for smaller groups to play together, and not get face rolled.

Try crouch walking, not crouch strafing.

You would be pleasantly surprised how many people I’ve taken out crouch walking. Its tough. Itdls not just about crouching and walking. You gotta really slow your movememts down. Make each step they hear far apart its negligible especially if there is two of them. Another method for stealth play is think ahead of them. Try be where they will be not where they are. I see someone walking a field I try cut across and wait in a bush to ambush them.

Another method is using flares to throw them off guard. Throw a flare and rapidly move changing your location. This works well in rad towns. The way it is is tough since footsteps are inevitable but you can definitely make do. It would be awesome if you could go ultra stealth. One think that screws up stealth now is the name tags. Bushes dont provide enough cover. Do your ambush and dawn and dusk. I’ve also struck players while they are working on defenses. Its great fun. Two people makes it all the merrier.

Give me a Stone / iron knife and stealth kill from behinde…