Stealth ideas

Hello newmans!

So recently I have been thinking a lot about some of the gameplay aspects of rust, and one of the things I would like to see is more stealth options. I tend to play as a lone wolf, and what I lack in numbers I try to make up for by being unnoticed, though it is somewhat difficult. I have made a short list below of items and features I would like to see.

1st: Prone.
A simple stance that can be entered using an unused key (z,x,c, etc) Would help to minimize your silhouette and hide in bushes as well.

2nd: Camouflage.
I know we have camo skins so far, but I would like to see something like a dyi ghilie suit made from twigs and leaves. Maybe something to cover weapons and buildings as well? Something to better blend with the environment.

3rd: Remove tracer rounds.
At the moment, every bullet shows up as a tracer round, even arrows (arrows have a little white trail), so if your shooting at anyone they can just trace the bullet to where they saw it come from and instantly know where you are. So I would like to see this removed except for explosive, incendiary, and maybe hv bullets.

I think this would help out solo players a bit while not being game breaking at all. So, what do you guys think? Feedback is welcome!

yeah, I play rust for about 2 years now. One of the first things i noticed in game is that there is no prone. It would really help in some situations.

100% agreed OP, all of these would be hella nice and help fix the lopsidedness of groups.


What if to balance this, for 3rd, is to make silencers get rid of the tracers.
This would make stealth a bit better.

As a lone wolf too I can say that I’d really like these features in-game.
Especially the tracer suggestion. It would be better (in my opinion) if you could have a new type of bullet, tracer which actually are a real thing. Real bullets doesn’t have tracer. (of course if it is a bullet with tracer mixture in it)

I also support the camouflage and prone suggestions. Sounds really cool and could help lone wolfers alot. But speaking of which, it always feels like every time you buff lone wolfing, you buff people who group up even more, if you know what i mean… for example - one guy proning in ghillie in a bush is good, there’s still a threat because it’s pretty hard to cover up the all the angles of the bush if someone’s flanking you…

Now if you are a group of 3 or more, you all can cover each other and more angles than you could if you were alone. But you all get the idea… Now keep in mind that I’m not pointing out that this is would be common thing (i think) and would mostly be used by people lone wolfing who just want to take out some other lone wolfers and get a small advantage over a group.

Forgot to mention. We need a way to open and close doors silently! Mouse wheel on door to open/close slowly and silently. We so need this.

I know that, unfortunately, groups will benefit a lot as well. But I think that the pros for solo or small groups outweigh the cons of large groups. If there are too many people, stealth is lost and most of the time they just rush a base anyways. I have some ideas to make groups a burden (not a pain, grouping up is fine but it hurts solo players, just an extra layer of difficulty for having a lot of players) but its for another post.

As for the tracer rounds, I say remove them from all but the special ammunition. If you are using that, stealth is lost, because no one would use tracer rounds otherwise and using the special ammo adds some risk. Though I would like to see both regular arrows and hv arrows have no tracer (it just makes no sense).

Thanks for the feedback so far guys! Sounds like most people like this idea.