Stealth Kill

Another OLD posing of mine. Brings me old memories.

Why is an American killing a pair of Brits?
How did he get right between them?
Why didn’t he just use a gun?

It’s Shadow Company. What do you expect them doing? Pulling up daisies?

Stealth Kill? Read the title.

Hard to get inbetween to guys without them noticing you.

Cause their accent is annoying/funny/sad ;D

He sneaked up on them from the back where there’s a huge snow desert. Hence the name Stealth kill

Cause knifing people is so much fucking cooler than just shooting them :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t recall Shadow Company ever having animosity towards the Brits/SAS.
The posing makes it look like the guys were walking one behind the other. Not easy to get between them.
And it’s possible to use a gun for a stealth kill; ever hear of a suppressor?

He did it…:stuck_out_tongue:

Since when does knifing someone in the ass kill them?

…Play MW2.

He didn’t knife him in the ass.

Omfg I loled xD

RAMIREZ, Jab that guy in the anus!

The american said the brits had bad teeth so the brits said americans were fat, shit hit the fan then.

Shotgun doubles up as an awesome club.

Got that right.