Stealth Kill

Looking good!

Same ol generic bullshit… you literally shit out 3 of the same pictures

sorry …

I don’t know what the hell is going on, where the hell is this going on or who the fuck they are but I know one thing; I want those models.

  • Why is he hugging him? Shouldn’t he like…slice his neck or something?

um, dont say sorry… youre just going to make another picture just like this… lets see why. moh models all you korean fucks are teasing us with. ugly guns and i mean comon really, how could the guy in the middle not even see his buddy getting shanked in the fucking neck.

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uh you do know you can kill people by putting your arms around their throat causing them not being able to breath therefor dead, that or you can snap their neck

No, I didn’t. INTERESTING, Tell me more!

I agree, the models are cool, but it’s really getting tiring seeing them. And they aren’t even released.

“oh look at me, i have private models! i am so cool!”

Why are the taliban portrayed as blind and deaf in so many pictures?

because america is the greatest and bestest nation on gods green earth

You should have put a bit more focus onto the dude getting killed.

I dont see how shooting someone with an unsilenced pistol is considered a stealth kill =\

Look to the left.

I blame the poor composition.

Yeah but the middle eastern guy on the left notices him, which sort of ruins the idea of a stealth kill. And the middle eastern guy on the right doesnt notice the guy with the pistol. Obviously Arabs and Russians dont have peripheral vision and/or are blind

Probably because 90% of the people on this forum actually, unironically believe that MW2 and B-grade action movies are a realistic portrayal of anything, let alone warfare. It’s depressing how many fucking scrubs play shitty games and actually think this makes them an expert on all things military. The sooner CoD finally dies, the happier I will be.

As for actual crit… well at least it’s not brown (it’s grey, though, which is just as bad), but in the end, it’s just another extremely mediocre picture using MoH models in the same handful of poses we’re seeing over and over again. I’m beginning to wonder if the Korean porting clique here has some kind of auto-pose tool, kind of like the animation one except without actual animation, because every goddamn picture they make has the same poses in it and usually between two and four guys who are either all shooting offscreen, all hiding behind a wall, or all about to ‘sneak up’ on enemies who would’ve noticed their presence long ago. It’s getting really fucking repetitive. This has to be the worst offender for repetition I’ve actually ever seen in this section, and that’s saying something - and at least most of the other trends were funny in some way. Use some fucking models that aren’t from MW, MW2 or MoH, use a setting which isn’t a desert or nondescript brown city, and pose something that isn’t the same guys doing the exact same thing. You are being told this by someone who generally poses either WWII troops or HL2 characters shooting others up, so you know it’s bad when someone who should probably mix things up themself is telling you to do the same.

Before the SSB arrives to tell us all that every picture is precious - and we all know they will - I’ll say this: if you’re going to make the same picture fifty times over, keep them to yourselves and don’t post them here. We don’t need five threads a day from each of you with the same thing inside. Quit rolling shitty, generic pictures off the production line and start putting some effort in. If you can’t do that, stop posting. Nobody (or at least, nobody with any sense) cares that you have MoH models and we don’t. Come back and make a new thread when (or indeed if) you ever build up enough creativity and enough bottle to come up with something original or at least different. Of all of you, only ddok has made any effort at all to mix it up.

lol his only two friends on the fp friend thingy is ddok and tshalalala

why am I not surprised

I have no friends on the FP friend thingy because that’s what going outside, Facebook, and Steam are for. vB are idiots for trying to turn their fucking forum software into a social networking tool. It seems that these days when faced with the option to either do something specific well, or do everything with mediocrity, most people choose the latter.

Well there you have it