"Stealth mission? More like an assault!" - Troopers skydiving and dodging rockets.

only ingame editing, map gm_colonies.

That’s really nice.

It looks kinda like everyone except the one with the jetpack were just thrown out of a plane without a chute.

That looks more like a laser :stuck_out_tongue: or a fuckin huge rocket :smiley:

I like the camera angle and the dust effect, also extra point for originality!


Nice use of the EVE models.

I like the camera angle.

Now that I look at this again… this makes me remember MDK… when you skydive and get RPG’d from the ground.

Awww good old days :frowning:

when i saw i thought BF2142

did anyone else?

love that map :razz:

Reminds me of that game MDK, fucking awesome idea though.

oh kari, you and your ingame editing.

Glad to know i wasnt the only one who though that!



I love your posing idea and editing.
Fantastic work!