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I figured I’d make my own thread since I’ll be doing stuff from each game if not all. I got into SFM in the beginning almost entirely just to make a Solid Snake model based on his appearance in MGS1. It has been a few years now that I’ve worked on a model for him here and there but it has finally come to a point where I am satisfied. The model is as close as it is going to get for now until I can learn more. Over time trying to create Snake though I decided to try to recreate other characters. The Genome Soldiers for instance are iconic enemies, and without them a Solid Snake model might be pointless, so I made them. It has become a project for me to recreate a lot of characters from multiple games that don’t have the graphical capabilities we do today. Metal Gear being one of the most important to me. SO, enough rambling, this thread will serve as a hub for my releases. You can find them on steam and SFMlab.

Solid Snake & Liquid Snake:[/t]

Genome Soldiers:


Meryl Silverburgh:


Gray Fox:


and more will be coming in the following months. Please enjoy.

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Nice job dude ! :slight_smile:

I love the Meryl model, thanks!!!

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