stealths compilation thread

i don’t feel like bumping my old thread, so i decided to create a new one.
i think they’re from old > new

edits by others
my poses, but edited by others.
edited by Zeraxify

edited by Arvuti

edited by BigBoom

edited by ChestyMcGee

edited by MasterFGH

edited by SatanSin

edited by thedutchguy

edited by Stathis

edited by The Castro

edited by L.T. Mark

edited by Turtlehead

edited by Dubeard

edited by Piehard92

If I forgot anyone, tell me. I’ll put your picture up ASAP.
oh yeah, the people who edited my pictures are awesome. give them artistics.


Resources for models used:
CSS Ultimate Team Pack by PREDAAATOR >
Day of Defeat - Visual Upgrade by Wile E Coyote >
TF2 Engineer - Beta-styled by Revenant100 >
T & CT skins by Sixtoes - Lost
Gun models etc. > Hexed by myself.
L4D2 models > Extracted by myself.
Combine Soldier - Bog Soldier by JBarnes >
COD4 Ghillie/Gaz by chl4047 >
Nick the Devil skin by karimatrix >
Killing Floor soldier by Nexus_Elite >

Oh hey I’m included! thanks man! :cheers:
palettes for you.

Model links.



Learn your “Magic Words” :pseudo:

Dude, really awesome work, I just wish I could edit, and pose Palette for you

all of them are really good stea1th

You are the #1 supplier of poses on the Edit My Screenshoot thread :stuck_out_tongue: Your posing is awesome!
And if that wasnt enought your editing skills are also good :slight_smile:

A palette for you and all the editors on this thread :slight_smile:

these are SINFULLY good.

A really nice collection.

Some of them are good, some of them are orgasmic.

Nice ones, man.


And that Zeraxify guy does really cool edits :v:

Gee, I wonder which one of them are his :v:

Great work.
Pallete for you.

Updated OP with links for a few models and a recent image.

God damn this thread sunk a few pages back fast.

This is map from l4d2 right?Can you help me please, i don’t know how i can extract models to Gmod. :frowning:


This isn’t a L4D2 map, I used the L4D2 props and made a scene build on gm_flatgrass_2008.

Bump with updated OP.