Stealthy Rebels|ALL DAY SERVER|3/4 CRAFT|RUST++ Enabled


Connect via console in Rust: Press F1 and type in net.connect

Hello future rebels, We are a brand new Rust server based in New York. We will be focusing on a friendly environment for our community. Our admins/players will help us accomplish this. So please be mature and respectful in the chat!

We will be hosting lots of events!
-Frequent Airdrops
-Random lootspawns (Around the map)
-More to come!

Rules: (More may be added in the future)
-No Hacking/Griefing/Glitching
-Respect fellow Stealthy Rebels/Admins
-Most importantly, have fun!

If you have any problems, please contact me via in game or shoot me a email at

The server seemed to have crashed for a little and has been restarted. Sorry for the wait!

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Apparently, the servers are being ddosed again and we are trying to reduce the lag as much as possible on our side.

This is a good server, No lag and bs. The only thing lacking is people. So please coem and check it out!

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of stioverpowere used to compliment himself and bump his own threads..." - postal))

The lag looks like it has diminished. Sorry to all the players who were affected by the lag! Please come and join! We are looking forward to more people!

-No admin abuse
-No lag
-Really good server

Enough said!

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of stioverpowere used to compliment himself and bump his own threads..." - postal))

I’m really glad you guys are liking the server! Join up!

No lag, great admin, great players. Very well managed and lots of resources available! A++

Regulars will also be rewarded, so stay and play!

Edit: you will also start off with a hatchet. JUST ASK if you want one!

Why is the server down!?

Edit: NVM every server is being ddosed

Nothing we can do until the ddoser leaves the servers alone or when Garry releases a update that actually fixes everything.

I will try and restart the server every so often, but don’t expect miracles.

Thanks for the heads up.

Apparently, the rust update affected almost every hosting provider and rust is going to provide a update soon to fix this bad update. Proof

Server is updated and now live!

Thank you! Everything is fine now.

We are still going strong! Join up guys!

Great server! The admin is really nice and everyone is friendly unless threatened, also they update the server to the newest version pretty quick which is always nice.

The server is now updated to 3/4 CRAFT! Come join!

Admin is a nice guy that helped my friend who is new to this server! Come join! It’s great fun here!

We have a small community right now! Let’s continue building it!

Our playerbase is continuing to grow! Come and check it out guys!