STEAM Account has been hacked.

Hello, I was stupid enough to fall for a CS:S Video sent from my friend (Also infected) Who wasn’t really my friend. He was hacked aswell.
I have already contacted STEAM Support is their anything i can do to keep me from being VAC Banned?

Nope, you’re in the hands of the Valve employees now!

Damnit, he also went onto my account and was playing CS:S…
Evidently he sent the message to my friends and I don’t want them to get infected either.

These are the infected sites just so you don’t go to them:

Don’t install shit from them…

fucking owned !!

Seriously, you had that coming. I don’t see how anyone likes you… Besides that. You go and call steam to get it back

Nofear1999 Got pwned !!!

Seriusly, you deserved that mate, even if it was by accident.
you messed with way to many people in the past, this is a sweet suprise against all the things you said.

For your account, just go to valve and request your account back ? - takes 1day …

Stop being such a cunt.

You will problaby be banned “Why reply? - Mahalas”

Looool I just can seee it coming, oh and razor & killa I’m trying to assist people not getting hacked like this, while I’m seeing if their is anything i can do.

This is why gullible 10 year olds don’t go on the internet.

Nofear your stupid lol first you tryed to hack pe, then you get hacked hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhahahahahahahahaa

Good thing I’m not 10.
Anyways, Seriously…
I was friends with albert, just reformatted I didn’t know if I installed Adobe FlashPlayer or not. So I just installd it from their and BAM!

This! You try to fail hack pulsareffect, and you get hacked your self. Seriously owned. I bet it was the people for “Hackforums” that hacked you because of the stupid hack request of our site

Well 13 then. Whatever, I’ve seen you with 96 and 99 tags, so either could be true.

EDIT: That too, razor. And I quote “i cant pay anything. But i will pay u my respect.”
That, is a fail.

Fuck off razor and SrgKill, I never posted that shit.

Stop lying you little boy. We were all lol’ing so hard that you posted that request on pulsareffect just because we permbanned you

Razor… Get on topic this isn’t a troll thread…

Your only three years older, your not exempt from that rule yet. When you become 15 then you will get equal respect. Nobody here really likes you right now, so they are going to be assholes, and with good reason.

I’m fully aware of that…

Oh and its “You’re”

and you don’t put and at the beginning of a comma…

Any time the OP fails, the PE members will be on it and laughing their arses off because the OP is proven to be a massive failure. I mean, anyone with any common sense would know NOT to click on a link that’s supposedly a video when it has .htm on the end.

Also here is nofears fail Youtube channel… Lol trying to teach people how to hack flashgames… Yet again you had that account hack coming

And that’s why you only download stuff from trusted sources and use anti-virus software.

A static page? OH NO!

Because there’s no way in hell a HTML page can contain a video.

Yes their is…