Steam, And Bears.

This isn’t the place for random pictures you found on the Internet.

and oh, your picture is broken.

Random? i think not, Internet? i was on Steam’s Client.
EDIT: added a link to pic if you cant see it.

Wow, you’re dumber than a sack full of hammers.

i am sick of people giving me crap for no Apparent Reason. i give up posting on facepunch.

This is a Screenshots & movies in the Garry’s Mod sub-forum. You don’t post picture you found on the internet here. If you think it’s that funny, go to fast threads and post it in the LMAO pics thread or something.


you should read the freaking rules before posting

Working for Dropbox are ya:smug:

Don’t use host site where one must r e g i s t e r even for GMod pictures.

i gif up postang

Wahhh these people don like me.


Words can’t bring you down.

Everything’s worse with bears.

This is not an exception.