Steam and Ubuntu?

I am considering swapping my laptop’s OS from Vista to Ubuntu, but will Steam games work correctly through Wine on it? If not, would it be possible for me to partition my hard drive and have Vista on one and Ubuntu on the other?

Garry’s Mod 10 just about runs, but with DX8 graphics. DX9 isn’t fully supported. Half-Life 2 runs, CSS runs, all other Steam-based games I have run on Ubuntu.

Which reminds me, I’m about to build an Ubuntu machine for some media centre fun. I’ll keep you updated if you like.

If it runs okay, that’s fine–I can live with DX8 if I need to.

Lots (and lots) of crashing on all source games.

Hm, if that’s the case I think I’ll just have a smaller Vista or XP partition for the sake of gaming, then.

You could alwayse use Cedega… it’s a commercialized port of Winelib (5 bucks a month) but it fully supports DX9.

Use Crossover. :ninja:

It’s 25$ for the games version, but IT SUPPORTS DX9 :dance:

Also, two things-

  1. In-Game overlay doesn’t work due to the way Steam calls executables.
  2. FRIENDS DOES NOT WORK. It may work for a few people. bot not many.

No antialiasing, low graphics.

But it works. I also had a huge FPS drop.

This is because Linux uses GLopen and not DirectX.

So I do recommend you to have Vista on a partition.

That pretty much settles it, then–I’ll have to get a Vista disc (the computer didn 't come with one, for some reason), but I could always dig out the old XP disc for a while.

if you have enough ram use these launch options in steam -dxlevel 70 -sw -w 800 -h 600 -autoconfig -wavonly