Steam Auth Game Ban

I have about 13 hours of rust “played”, those hours are from me trying to enter rust but I was stuck in the loading screen because I had a shitty laptop. Now that I have something better, I cant even play it because I got a game ban, what does the ban mean and how can I appeal for it.

Does it say EAC temporary ban? Or does it say Publisher Ban?

When I try to enter a rust server it says “Disconnected: Steam Auth: gamebanned”. Steam Community :: belt my steam if you wanna look at it.

Your account has received an EAC ban. This is a ban issued by the anti-cheat. This is not community or server specific.

Since it’s an EAC ban the only way to appeal it would be via EAC on their website. Here’s the link to appeal:

What do I put the reason as?

That’s for you to decide