Steam Auth: gamebanned

My steam account got stolen from me earlier today and I just got the account back I go to hop in a server and it says Disconnected: Steam Auth: gamebanned I have 42 hrs and I have never cheat in a video game I believe if you gotta cheat you shouldn’t be playing that game how do I get that fixed I have already filed to challenge the ban but I’m dumbfounded on why I’m gamebanned my steam says it’s a in game error and they can’t find a ban on my account

Unfortunately, Rust very much places absolute responsibility for your account on you, so whether the hacker got on your account and in those few precious hours they download rust, cheats, just to get you VAC banned, or you did it yourself, to the Rust support team, there’s no difference.

I’ve yet to hear of a single person getting unbanned from Rust, I swear a rogue admin could demonstrably ban everyone on a server for no reason, and the Rust support would still blame the players for not leaving when they saw people getting banned.