steam Auth:K_EAuthSessionResponseVACCheckTimedOut

steam Auth:K_EAuthSessionResponseVACCheckTimedOut kicks from the server later some time, and everything is sometimes to solve a problem?

Actually having the same problem. Restarting steam and PC doesn’t help, I have no idea what’s causing it. :v:

I have the same problem -.-

Take a break for some hours and it will work again, that’s what I experienced.

Sometimes a restart of my PC fixes it immediately.

This error message means VAC was unable to contact the mother ship. If nothing on your computer is blocking VAC, this usually means Steam went down or had technical issues with the VAC servers. This is an issue directly between you and Steam, not Rust itself.

But in other games which demand VAC everything works! And no mistakes arise. I think that Rust uses special port for access to VAC and in it a problem.