steam beta must be running to make use of find servers

Please help i get this error every time i go onto garrysmod I have tried validating the cache files i have restarted steam reloged rebooted my pc I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING! please help :suicide:

Heres what it looks like:
*Note This isn’t my image i just have the same message

Enable Steam Beta in settings of Steam.

It won’t let me theres no option

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I know when i go there there is no OPTION

Hmm. Sound like it’s really bothering you.

Could you please link your Steam Profile with Facepunch? So we can see that you are legitimate owner of Garry’s Mod?

Yea here it is:

On the right top of the website, you’ll see your own username, in my case “Cyberuben”.
Click on your name, and you’ll get to your Profile.
At your profile, click “About Me”.
Once there, you’ll see little pencil icons behind some things, press those to edit the data inside.

In my case, I have a CUSTOM Steam Profile ID.
Mine is “Cyberuben”.
In your case, go to Steam, Community, then on the right press “Edit my profile”.
Once there, you’ll see:

Custom URL:<something here>/
Type in your Steam log-in name, or some other name you like (Can not be in use already).
Then, go to Facepunch again, add the name you just specified above, to the “Steam profile ID” and you have linked your profile.


You posted the whole link.
Just get this part in that text box:


I did But can somnoe just please tell me what the problem is :eng101:

Use till it is fixed

It’s not working my son.

you put id not profiles

I just clicked the icon underneath your name.
But yeah. You’re right.

Atleast I know that you have Garry’s Mod legitimate.
I think it’s just bugged.
Use THIS (click) untill it is working again.

So can you help me or not?

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I used gametracker and it says canceld after 4 retries PLEASE JUST I NEED A DAMN FIX :suicide:

go to C:\Program Files\Steam and delete everything but steamapps and steam.exe

Reinstall Garry’s Mod?