Steam .... buying the game ..... releasing !!!

**Hello everyone hower u … ?

i didnt buy the game cuse its sold out !!! how a game sold out i dont know !!! any way …

1.> i was wondering about when the game will get on steam ?

2.> where will it be available to buy a copy of the game cuse i just get sucked from just watching videos on youtube :frowning:

3.> and the last qs when the game will released as a full game ?

and thank u for listening **

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The game isn’t sold out in terms of them not having anymore copies, they want to limit server capacities.

A - 2) Try again next hour. they release more licenses at the top of each hour.

If you wait for a bit ( like an hour) new keys will be posted

the game isnt sold out, it is a dutch auction, please read the buy page for more information, there is no ETA in regards to a full release or the conclusion of the Steam transition as of yet

Don’t know about the rest of the community but i loved the idea for the dutch auction.

Typing in bold doesn’t make what you’ve written seem more important, it just looks stupid

the ga ? what that suppose to mean ?

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dude its not about important or anything else its just about more clearly … i was just caring to let u read it clearly …