Steam Client Timed out?

Alot of people are getting that error as the title and getting kicked… Does anybody know what’s wrong?

everyones getting it, it’s a bug

It’s not a problem with Garry’s Mod. It’s with VAC afaik.

I’m going to try turning off VAC on my server to test that. Will get back to you.

EDIT: I turned VAC off about an hour ago and nobody has been DC’d since. Before people were disconnecting every 30 seconds or so. I think this confirms it. Interesting that it’s only an issue for GMOD though…

Trying disabling vac on my servers too.

I’ll try it as well thanks for posting!

I’ll be back with results.

Seems like it works

Yep. Hope it’s fixed soon though.

This needs to be fixed… Its frustrating.

Is it safe to turn off VAC? In fact, does VAC affect GMod in anyway now?

It’s fine if you have your own anticheat, the only thing you’ll have to deal with is Russian kids who pirated the game.

Wouldn’t it open up the ability to spoof steamids since the Auth gets disabled? Because that means anyone could join with an admins steamid and ban people.

2 things:
1: This is not the thread to post this content.
2: This problem occurs when Steam performs maintenance on their servers.

Does anyone know if the (new) server browser penalizes you for disabling VAC?

Doesn’t look like it, I can see servers in the browser with VAC disabled