Steam CMD problems.

So yesterday I made a TTT server for Garry’s Mod. It was working fine for the whole day and I left it on over night when I went to bed. One of my friends said that the server crashed and it never came back up (which it should). Ever since my server is not displaying publicly. Only I can see it though. I noticed that it was using my IPV4 address rather than my public ip. I have my ports forwarded and everything looks normal but it’s not displaying ever since the crash.
I also noticed this is my server:

If port 27015 is being used then that’s why it probably crashed more so your computer probably lost connection and your computer’s IP got bumped to another computer or the router gave you a new IP, did you set your server/PC to have a static IP instead of the router handing them out like candy? Same reason it can’t be seen by your friends. Is it setup through ethernet or wireless? It’s possible your local IP changed if the router reset or something else is using the specified port. Did you try to port forward port 27016? Then have your friends connect to your public IP as so: “connect” but it’s best to restore port 27015 so people don’t have to specify the port for one. Also, check the router to make sure your server/PC is showing as the appropriate IP for the forwarded/triggered port 27015.

I didn’t have it set to a static IP. I am hosting off of my computer through ethernet. I tried setting a static ip to my computer but it failed. As a result I couldn’t open webpages and my server couldn’t start. Port forwarding 27016 isn’t an option because I want my server to be on the master list. I port forwarded correctly and the ip is for my computer.

What you should do for this to be the easiest way possible is let your computer connect and get an IP from the router, the router will give your PC an IP, and keep that IP as static, then delete your forwarding settings for the old IP and add them to the new IP.

Also, for sake of security I wouldn’t really recommend having your IP out on FP for the world to see. Should probably black line it or something.

EDIT: Just to add to my post and delete the image from my quote as well. Whenever hosting a server always have the MAC address of the server to have a Static IP so things like this don’t happen. The router will confuse itself and start handing out IP address certificates over again on restart. Did you make sure when you set the statc IP it wasn’t conflicting with any other IP adresses or that it wasn’t out of local IP range of what the router was set to? Also what’s the make and model of the router?

Okay I’ll try that and thanks for telling me about my ip. I didn’t notice that it was even there :P. I made sure that no other computers had the same IP as mine. I don’t know how to find my range but I set it to Normally it’s I’m not sure of the model but I know it’s netgear.

Okay that worked thanks so much.