Steam Crash


Since I adjust the graphics on Rust in the main menu my game crash … impossible to play … when I run it it crashes …
Do you have a solution? I already deleted the game then I redownload with steam, I also try windowing mode nothing works …

Start in windowed mode and disable Anti Aliasing.

I can not see that the game crashes on startup …

When you load from steam you should get a launcher that has all the settings in it.

yes but it does not have there antialiasing

You tick the “windowed” checkbox there and change aa in game.

put windowed and put it on the smallest resolution, even if you had a 1990 pc you would be able to run the game at full graphic in that resolution and then change the graphics options ingame. I would have tried to fix it by myself before asking for help bro.

I have done all this if I come here is that I really need help …

help me please !

In steam right click on rust. > properties then search for the option ‘Verify the integrity of game cache’

That may reset options to the standard. If not Uninstall the game and re-download it. Its less than half a GB.

There is possibly a file in the directory somewhere to edit these options but for the size of the game it may just be quicker to do a re-install to put the graphic options back to default.

thank you for the help but I already …
Edit: I finally succeeded I delete a folder in C: \ Users \ SCOTTFMX14 \ AppData \ Roaming \ Unity
and now it works! :slight_smile: