Steam Date Confirmed

Be right back while I go remember what it’s like to have 150 FPS


That feeling…The same when your dad has bought you a PC and he’s installing some programs , while you just can’t wait to play a single player game.

I wonder if it will be integrated graphics card-compatible now.

how is this a date confirmation lol today or tomorrow isn’t the date confirmed

The Steam version is pretty nice, especially now that they’re ironed out most of the bugs in it. (no trees were annoying)

Maybe I’ll give it another shot now.

Does it have better fps? New graphics options?


search before you post dude this has already been posted

That profile pic

Did you guys get your keys?

no, i am waiting, and refreashing my mail box!!! can’t wait!

Other people have got them?

i dont think so Daniel, some guys just get invited to test the steam version some days ago… dedicated server ?

will the key get sent to the rust account or the paypal account?

I’m sure it will be sent on the Rust account.


You are aware that some people didn’t buy it through paypal?

Yeah, that’s been there for a while. is possibly the actual Rust app, as garry has been seeing playing that AppID. Not much player activity though, so not sure.

Let’s just all wait and see. Not much else to do. We can only hope for a release soon enough.