Steam dll is not worthy of our trust

Hi I Bought Gmod On The 18th Of April 2011.
Ever Since Ive Bought It
Ive had nothing But Problems
First i started of by Getting hl2.exe has stopped responding error.
A while After This Had Gone Away.
And i was Like Oh Ok Then
But Now I Got The steam.dll is not worthy of our trust
None Of My Games Are Pirated
All Bought With a Mastercard from the steam shop for 10.00 each
My friend cohen200 bought me counterstrike source from a retail shop.
i have been able to get into some games after about 20 tries.
my steam name is cuzza376
and when i do manage to get in i leave it on all day
Screenies Are Below.

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and i have full uninstalled
cleared cache
most of the time it crashes on start up or sending client info

I can’t help you.
It would be better if you didn’t.

Does it really matter? Don’t like it don’t post it.
And yes I did buy him CSS DoD and Hl2 Deathmatch from EB games.
I am also the owner of the server he is trying to get into, the IP is
Gamemode: DarkRP Map: rp_downtown_v6

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It’s actually quiet easier to read like that. Because you don’t have too move your eyes across the hole screen. just that little bit.

I hate to say this, but the Steam user forums would probably be a better place to get this problem fixed.

Perhaps re-installing Steam? In topics that have the same problem I’ve seen that deleting ClientRegistry.blob and restarting Steam can help.

i have reinstalled steam and deleted ClientRegistry.blob But still got the error