Steam DLL worthy of trust (Yes I did buy the game, proof in post)

Okay, hey guys. I have this big problem with Gmod: Every time I try to run a map it gives this error “Steam DLL isn’t worth of our trust on line 76561197995242744”. I tried googling around a bit and I came up that it is another trap set by Garry to ban pirates. Well there is a problem here: I did buy the game (proof is that the line number is my steam id, should see that it has Gmod as bought, if you dont believe my steam community name is glump").
It is really annoying, and the only possible fix I know is to download some .exe that is meant to modify the steam.dll or gmod so that pirates can play the game :frowning: I really don’t want to go there and risk a steam ban. So please if anybody has a fix or any solution, please tell me!

Thanks, Maagiline.

I remember when I was so desparete for gmod content that I cracked the content (yes, I am so crazy for game content that I would hack it) and I could play gmod, but the next time I started gmod and started a map I got that error. I removed the hack and it was fixed, next time I played with cracked content I didnt get the error (on gm_construct) but next time it did get the error,
I didnt get banned, but I dont want to do this ever again so I will just buy counter strike for gmod
But enough of my retarded story of me hacking, have you tried to do anything about it? like reinstalling, verify integrity of game cache or defragment cache files?

PS sorry that I cracked games for 1 day to see how content looks like

(User was banned for this post ("warez" - GunFox))

Getting Counter Strike content for free isn’t illegal is it? I mean you can download the Counter Strike files via SRCDS.

Yes it is.

Anyway try verifying game cache or reinstalling.

I just wanted to extract from the gcf so I could play with my favorite map = cs_office without mising textures and models!
But I hate hackers and I think steam.dll not being worthy of trust for poeple who crack steam was a good idea. (I also love Dr.Hax)

Hey I’m running into the exact same problem. I’ve owned Gmod since 2007.

Yeah, anybody willing to help?
I made another thread with the same name on the wrong sectio, and got banned. but I added “Hi FP” to my steam profile to show it really is me…

You’ve probably pirated another game, like portal or something.

You’ve played for 132 hours in the past two weeks. Again like a similar thread, for someone whose unable to play the game that’s plenty of play time…

I have the same problem. I ended up deleting EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING with GMod. Yes I bought the game. And yet I still get this error. Also I’ve tried verifying the cash, reinstalling, reninstalling and verifying the cash, deleting everything from gmod then reinstalling gmod, reinstalling Steam DLL, and memory use prevention and I still get this fucking error.

Then provide a link to your steam community page in a new thread.

I can play multiplayer, but not single player

Why the account’s nationality you linked to isn’t french?

That doesn’t make sense seeing as SP is effectively a MP enviroment apart from you’re both the server and client.

Can someone just post a solution?

The solution is to buy the game.

I am an Estonian living in france. :slight_smile:

That would be a great solution for someone who hasn’t bought the game, yes. But I bought the game and have had the game for almost a year now and this error randomly decided to pop up and stalk me.

I’ve had the issue before, I reformatted and it fixed itself. If you want to tell me I pirated the game, go ahead, tell me, because obviously I didn’t. Don’t go assuming things, and then downright refuse to help.

Oh jesus, I have a lot of important files here hiding on my computer…
Last time I reformatted I realized i didn’t find all the correct files.
I also don’t want to reformat for only one game :confused: