Steam don't wanna start.

alright, so I launch steam, ‘‘Connecting account * *’’ then I either see a white box (Steam is not responding shows up) or I get to the login screen and I enter details, then it freezes after that.

Already deleted Clientregistry.blob and re-installed before.

Much appreciated for help :confused:

A Firewall might be blocking steam. Try turning the firewall off and connect.

Did that already too, disable anti-virus aswell…

Thanks for help anyway <3

what are your specs

This section is for garrysmod help and support, not steam.

Sorry, Steam forums require you to register and wait for approval so I came here.

I5 quad core 2.66ghz
nVidia GTS 250
Asus Motherboard and whatnot

I have run Steam for a year perfectly prior to this.

are you involved in the beta of steam?

Not at all.

In your steam folder, delete EVERYTHING except for steam.exe, and steamapps. When you launch steam, it will take a few minutes to rebuild itself, and everything should work fine.

Or you might have a connection issue.