Steam downloading all Gmod games by itself

Heres my problem, and I’m positive its not related to what type of computer I have. Whenever I launch Gmod 10 it creates about 10GB of empty cache files for other source games like Day of Defeat, TF2, Portal, Etc. But until I restart Steam the message:
“Team Fortress 2 Download Paused…”
wont show up next to the source games. Does anyone know of a solution to stop Steam from downloading the extra games whenever Gmod is launched?

Start Gmod, unmount what you don’t want mounted, then cancel the download. It forces the download because it believes that you need all content.

what do u mean by unmount?

Go to Gmod settings while in Garry’s mod and un-check what you don’t want to use, then restart gmod, and cancel the download, sometimes in-game it might resume by it self, so get ready to alt-tab out cancel when you join a server.

Stupid Steam bug, it always happens when you join a server and it’s never been fixed, man it can get annoying when you get capped to 8kb/s down :emo:

Thanks guys that did the trick!