Steam Engines (Steampunk Style)

What do you think about steam engines in rust?
I think it could be relatively well placed in the setting.

Why steam engines?
Mh, ​​could be powered flickering bulbs when operating a generator with the steam engine. Or something like this.

Rust isn’t steampunk.

I did not mean to say that you should take something from the steampunk directly, but the setting of rust would allow machines from collected scrap metal.
Paul did create old machines artwork for a experimental idea, right?

Btw: Rust isnt any special style, it is a alpha and nearly anything can change in the future.

This is what I think of when someone mentions steampunk:

No. Please, no. It’s just odd. I guess this would attract even more questionable people than zombie games do.

I’m sorry, I did not another name for what I mean.
I meant DIY-Steampunk sooner rather than diesel-steampunk.

Or I do not try to explain with steampunk and simply say:
It would be nice if we could build machines from scrap, and can drive with primitive raw materials to powered bulbs or something like this.

I know it would buildings in the t1 does not fit with the wood to 100%. but perhaps in t2 or t3 etc.

only if we could build choo choo trains and tracks. could see it now, big groups threatening that poor lone wolf to vacate his base or else, as it’s right in the way of their planned raider trans-rust-inental railroad. cars in tow filled with high powered weaponry and mass amounts of beds.

if cars were to ever be added in rust, they’d have to be wood gas converted. t’would be fitting of the game.