Steam Error "A Connection To Steam Vac Servers Could Not Be Made"

Been reading on Google ever since I had got the latest update and have literally tried everything on the trouble shooting page of STEAM. Yet of course - what help is that going to be. Furthermore, I seem to be the only one experiencing this as all of my friends play with no problem and no one has seem to posted a problem. Just wondering if anyone here might have some different answers.

-Sorry for re-post just noticed it was in the wrong section.


we’re unable to help with that issue. Please submit a ticket on Steam.
Steam Support - For all engine/steam client related questions/problems -Open a ticket - Browse the KB

uhh excuse me we are able to help to an extent

anyway what IS your anti-virus program

Make sure all files are installed correctly. Otherwise, I suppose the best thing to do is to post a ticket to Valve.