Steam Error: No steam user

I can’t start gmod because of an engine error, the solutions are:
Make sure steam is up to date(I’m pretty sure it updates on every start)
Try Restarting your PC(I already did when steam started working)
Try Garry’s mod -> Delete Local Content(I don’t want to lose my stuff)

Last time I made a thread like this, I acted like an idiot and started flaming, I know I don’t deserve help from anyone, but I really can’t startup gmod and really need the help.

rename the Garry mod folder to another i.e garry’smod old and rename the gameinfo.txt to old too so it dont show in the games then re-dl garry’s mod if its ok transfer over your custom stuff :slight_smile:

Verify your game and restart your PC, if not help > delete clientregistry.blob from Steam folder and restart Steam.

Thanks, deleting the blob fixed it.