Steam-Error. Please help

Ok so I keep getting an error after trying to start Garrys Mod. I am on a iMac running up to date. I bought Gmod and “Orange Box” the other day. Gmod downloaded I already had “Portal” so I started Gmod. Worked fine and I played it for a few hours to learn some stuff. The rest of “Orange Box” was still downloading when I quit Gmod. I left Steam open to let them download. When I came back a few hours later it was kinda locked up. I figured they had downloaded so I shut down steam. Now I get back on and try to start Gmod and it starts to validate files and after it finishes is says “The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request. Please try again in a few minutes.” Please help.

A few games still say “Download starting” and I’m not sure if this is the problem.

Here is what I see when I am looking at my games.

On Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, it used to say “Starting Download” like the rest. I deleted it and tried to re-install and it said “Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is not available on your current platform”

When I try to start Gmod it validates and I see this.

Then after it validates I see this.

Also when I first tried to start the games that say “Download Starting” they had to Defrag or something.

Any ideas?

delete clientregistry.blob in your steam directory, then start up steam, I think it’s still the same on a Mac.

Where is the directory? it might be different on Mac.

Sorry I’m new to Steam and Gmod.

Wherever applications are installed on a Mac, I don’t have a clue.

Ok I finally found the clientregistry.blob in the Steam folder which is located in

Library/Application Support/Steam


What does deleting that change?


Still have the same problems after deleting clientregistry.blob and restarting Steam.

I don’t know what to suggest then, tried google yet?

Yes, a bit. I’m still not sure what to do though. How do you completely uninstall and reinstall?

  1. Let it verify steam cache. It could take a while.
  2. It could be your internet, taking the downloads a while.
  3. And, if the servers get busy, it just means a lot of people are playing gmod right now. Just try again later.

The servers are never to busy for playing games, only when a new game comes out or if a map-pack for a game is released will steam die.

Everything verifies fine. I also get the same error with any game I try to start. It doesn’t show anything downloading in my downloads.

Yea, I get the “steam servers are too busy to handle your request at the time error” when I start tf2, css, and gmod. So I have no Idea what you are talking about sphinxa.

Steam is to busy to handle your request and my downloads won’t start up and i can’t install games -.-

did you miss the:

He already did that. Read the thread before posting.

im going to reinstall steam and dont put my steamapps in

i wasnt addressing the OP. I was addressing TheUnkownM

Try changing your download server. Sometimes it’s set to absolutely irrational locations(let’s just say sitting in Norway waiting for css to download from an Australian server is a waste of time). If the servers in fact are busy, this should fix this.