Steam Error Problem

When i was going a rp server that named hl2 something i crashed and i restarted my computer and after i restarted it i tried to go to garrys mod it didnt i tried to go in my other steam games and it didnt work.each game i pressed a message came up that said Steam.exe(main exception):Cmultifieldblob(Pserialized): Bad Field-extendes past end blob.And after i uninstalled steam and redownloaded it keeps saying this Steam.exe(main expection):Error:deleted SteamNew.exe but the file is still there

To fix multifieldblob, go into your steam folder and delete ClientRegistry.blob, it will be downloaded on startup of steam.

Be more specific on the other one, i don’t know if the “but the file is still there” part is part of the error

Thanks but i solved the problem but THANKS anyways :smiley: