Steam family sharing

So basically, I want to disallow people who are running gmod from a shared library to join the server.
How can I spot such an account, lua-wise?

Here you go. This kind of involves ULX/ULib but it can help you. Found it while searching ^^

Why would you do that

Acecool had a solution somewhere but I don’t know where to find it

Bob is banned by trolling
Bob creates new accounts and use family share
Bob continues trolling and doing shits

As far as I’m aware, ULX nowadays prevents shared accounts from joining a server where the main account is banned.

ULX is also gross and not everyone wants to use it.

Yea that’s why you only prevent people from joining if one of the family shared accounts or the main itself did something bad
Right now this is just for blocking out people that use a legit useful steam feature (i.e. having a brother play your games while you are away without needing to give him your password)

Either way, the main guy sharing with his brother can be like “OMG WHILE HE IS IN DE WASHROOM I CAN SCREW EVERYTHING UP AND THEN HE GETS BANNED”. Not joking…lol

I am really just asking for a friend, he has a server and some annoying guy keeps coming back each day :stuck_out_tongue: